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We at Ibex Energy, Inc. and our affiliated companies worldwide ("COMPANY") are committed to perform as good citizens of the Internet and the global business communities where we conduct our operations. COMPANY has established this Policy so you can understand how we operate and interact with you.

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The layout, content, charts and graphs including portable and down-loadable documents used throughout this site are all original works and Ibex Energy, Inc. reserves all publishing, photocopying and reproduction rights of its content.

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This web site and the systems and services connected to it form a community of contractors, vendors, end users and of course our customers. Each company that has any identifying information, data, references, slogans, trademarks or logos expressly reserves their full rights and restrictions to the use and reproduction or such identifying marks.

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This site displays original artwork, photographs and images submitted by various users of this site. If you see an image on this site, which you believe should not be here, is here without the permission of the author or owner of the image please contact the webmaster.

We will either demonstrate that we own the artwork, show permission to use the artwork (through purchase receipt or written release) or we will simply remove the image from our site.

We do not endorse, condone or engage in software piracy or willful abuse of intellectual property rights.


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