• Owner operators of hydrocarbon terminals
    We Produce
    Energy & Minerals
    Buyers of mineral land, mineral rights, royalties
    Producers of crude, diesel, kerosene and naphtha
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    Sellers of crude, jet fuel, D2, D6 and more
  • Owner operators of production oil leases
    Crude Oil
    Crude from USA, Canada & Russia to the world
    Storage and Blending services
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    Crude for Sale, direct from the producer
  • Need Jet Fuel?
    Jet Fuel, D2, D6,
    EN590 and more
    Serving Houston, Rotterdam and beyond
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    Simple, no-risk procedures, brokers protected
  • Natural Gas
    Natural Gas, LNG
    Helium and more
    Easy, no-risk procedures, brokers protected
    Houston or Rotterdam
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  • Geologist, Surveyors and Landman
    Refinery and Terminal Operators
    Sales and market analyst
    Customer Service and Account Manager
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Ibex Energy is experienced in oil, gas a mineral production a provider of jet fuel and refined products a producer and seller of crude oil owner/operator of oil leases in the USA direct to major refineries in USA and Russia

Need crude? We are producers with oil leases in Texas & Oklahoma and maintain a vast network of other producers in North America and the Russian Federation. Drill right to the Crude Desk and download our recently updated SCO and you are on your way.

Need LNG? We can provide LNG, Helium and other bulk fossil gases with simple procedures and can serve your gas needs now. Float over to the Gas Desk and download our recently updated SCOs for LNG, Helium and more.

Need fuel? We are direct to several refineries, offer simple procedures and can serve your fuel needs today. Zoom to the Fuel Desk and download our recently updated SCOs for D2, D6, Jet Fuel and more.

Need gold? We are direct to a major refinery in Dubai, offer simple procedures and can serve your commercial gold requirements. We can ship in increments of 1 metric ton to any safe port around the world, but prefer Hong Kong, Switzerland or Dubai. Hammer your way into the Metals Desk and download our recently updated SCOs for Gold Dore at 93%, 98% or investment grade 99.999% pure AU bar.

Curious about what we are doing? Want the inside scoop? Check out the Ibex Blog right here on this website. You can see images, videos, review press releases, meet our team and interact with us.

World Class Service

The petroleum business seems to be all about crude oil, jet fuel, tanks, ships, pipes and power. It is, but more importantly, this is a "people business"!

There is no practical reason to work with complicated procedures, long lead times or unreliable participants in this industry. You will find our processes and procedures are implemented by real people who care about the quality of the products we buy and sell and the integrity of our processes.

We deliver quality!

Check out the Ibex Blog here
for up to the minute details on our operations

About Us

Ibex Energy

We are a professional mineral development company.

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